Saturday, 25 June 2011


Why did I choose COLOURFUL WORLD as the name for my blog?
I love COLOUR, I cannot imagine a world without all the glorious colours...
At home at least a wall in each room has colour - what the decorators call "feature wall".
Of course my paintings adorn all my walls, bringing even more colour to my home.

Many, many years ago I remember visiting friends of my husband, and they lived in this totally white house with not a single painting hung on the walls, and I thought it was the most boring home. How could anyone live without colour, without art hung on the walls?
I am no Picasso, but then I don´t even like his paintings, I like things that are "real", so although some abstract art is actually beautiful because of the colour combinations it´s not the type of art that I can paint or that I relate to.

Nafeaffaa Ipolpo Aka When Will You Marry - Paul Gauguin -
Gaugin´s original 
One of the pictures I painted is a copy of Paul Gaugin´s painting -  Nafeaffaa Ipolpo Aka When Will You Marry -  I chose it because I like his use of colour, although the people he portrays are a bit disproportionate. 
Actually my painting is my husband´s pet hate, he says that the women seem to have weird arms which is quite true, but I just copied it, so I wasn´t going to do a medical procedure on their arms....

My copy of Gaugin´s picture

My garden does´t have as much colour as I would like, but even the different greens and greys and now some browns due to the Autumn / Winter colour of the leaves, all add to the magic.

A corner of my back garden - a work in progress...

Last weekend right after my blog course I noticed the most amazing tree trunk with so many shades of green, brown, creams, and I was lucky that I had my camera in my bag, so straight away I took some photos.
One of my recent passions is photography, and although I have a modest camera, I click away enthusiastically at everything from our cats, the garden, flowers everywhere, friends gathered around the dinner table, well...any beautiful thing I see!!
Tree Trunk with lovely mix of colours

Hope I will be able to provide my readers with interesting snippets about my life in Perth.

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