Wednesday 15 February 2023

Monthly Wrap-up - January & Signs

Also joining Tom's signs

January was an extremely busy month, with lots of get-togethers with family and friends so Karina and Thomas could meet up with everyone they wanted to see during their visit and also new experiences for them.

Sunday 1st - our flight from Denpasar, Bali, arrived in Perth around 3,30pm. We caught a taxi home and then Jose and Karina took our French house-sitters to the airport where they were picking up a van and stay in a nearby hotel so that early the following day they could continue their holiday in the southern area of Western Australia.

While they were away, Thomas and I prepared and packed snacks and drinks into a cooler box, and after their return we drove to the nearby riverfront suburb of Shelley where the council had organized a family day with lots of activities, music, etc and then a New Year's Day fireworks display at 8pm.

Monday 2nd - was a public holiday, and towards the end of a very hot day we drove to Coogee beach for a swim and to watch the sunset.

Jose went back to work on the 3rd, but I only returned to work on the 16th.

Thursday 5th - we went to an outdoor movie venue -The Somerville (at UWA University), where we saw "Triangle of Sadness". We met up with friends there, we all took snacks and drinks which we had before the movie started. The venue was packed, with lots of people still on holidays, warm nights, and a movie with good reviews contributed to that.  For Karina and Thomas it was a new experience and they loved the informality of the venue, and the chance to meet up with friends.

The movie was good, funny, clever, a few too many scenes of sea-sickness that made me uneasy, but it ended on a cliffhanger...  Swedish director Ruben Ostlund, won his second Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 for this movie. Sadly, the main actress 32 year old South African Charlbi Dean Kriek, died in August 2022 from sepsis after an operation.

Friday 6th - lunch at our friends W and L's house by the Canning River. We rode their water bike, fed the ducks, black swans and others.....

Saturday 7th - Scarborough beach, too windy, then dinner at  Italian restaurant "La Capannina".


Sunday 8th - lunch at our house with Michael and close friends Wendy and Celina.

Monday 9th - Karina, Thomas and I visited the "Giants" scattered around Mandurah, about 60km south of Perth. These beautiful statues were made by Danish sculptor Thomas Danbo. There are 4 in Mandurah and one in Subiaco, an inner-city suburb of Perth. We managed to see 3 of them as the other was a bit out of the way.

Little Lui - the back are the roots of an upturned tree

Santi Ikto with me, Karina and Thomas

Seba's Song looking out at the Mandurah estuary



                                     Christmas lights displays were still in the Mandurah foreshore

Karina and I on the "heart" sculpture in Mandurah

Tuesday 10th - Jose took the day off and we took the ferry to Rottnest islandBeing school holidays, the bikes were all rented out, so we boarded a hop-on/hop-off bus that took us around the island. 

We stopped at a few of the nicest beaches for a swim. I just love the clear waters.

The quokkas are always an attraction

One of the two lighthouses on the island

The second lighthouse at Pinky's beach and and "whale" monument


Thursday 12th - In the morning I took Karina and Thomas to Point Walter, by the Swan River for coffee and a quick swim. After lunch Jose came home and we drove Thomas to the airport for his 5,30pm flight to Frankfurt via Singapore.

Friday 13th - Karina and I had coffee at L'Quay cafe by the Canning River, then she drove me to a South Perth Hospital for a day surgery with local anaesthetic to remove two lipomas - a small one on the neck, a larger one on the leg. It all went well, and stitches were removed after 1 week (neck) and 2 weeks (leg). The neck you can hardly notice anything, but the leg has a big dent...hopefully the flesh will grow and make the area look normal again.

Carrot cake at L'Quay cafe and a wagtail

Saturday 14th - We attended a 2h outdoor music concert at Piney Lakes Reserve, organized by the city of Melville council. We took chairs, snacks, drinks and joined dozens of families enjoying a great day outdoors watching the "WA Badass Gospel Choir" and "Luke Dux and Atomic Lunchbox"

Some people even went to the front of the stage and danced...

I love these free Summer concerts organized by various councils, proving you don't have to spend money to have fun!

Sunday 15th - on the way to Scarborough beach, we stopped in Subiaco (right next to city centre), to see the only wooden giant in Perth - Bille Bob.

At Scarborough beach, Jose and Karina went for a swim, and later joined me, to watch the free Samba and Salsa dancing lessons which were then followed by a $5 social dancing session. While I love dancing, I couldn't join due to my recent op.


Friday 20th - Karina and I had coffee with our friend Wendy at Praline, a French cafe. At lunchtime Jose came home and then we drove Karina to the airport, as she was also leaving at 5,30pm to Frankfurt via Singapore.

Saturday 21st - The Portuguese Australian Women's Association of WA, held their 3rd anniversary gala dinner at South Fremantle Football club, with a singer that normally sings at the Portuguese club.

The dessert table with the cake

The committee members cut the cake (me in the pink dress in the middle)

Sunday 22nd - A double birthday celebration for a young Portuguese couple we know, at the Bailey Brewing company in the Swan Valley.

After lunch we all went for coffee to the Margaret River chocolate company where they have chocolate tastings. Yummi!

Friday 27th - at the invitation of a neighbour I met via the  "Buy Nothing" group, we were invited to go to Gloucester Park to watch Chinese New Year celebrations that ended with dragon dancing and then fireworks.

More signs at one of the restaurants where we ate:


  1. Your photos are fantastic, Sami, and I love how you capture all angles. That beautiful blue water and boats makes my sad heart smile!

    Between company last week, prepping for a Cork Poppers do, an ear and/or sinus infection, and then this week's mass shooting in our town, I'm so behind blog reading, I'll never catch up! I'll try to take a look at all but not comment and hopefully be back on schedule this week!

    1. Thanks Jeanie. It's very sad about all the senseless shootings in the States. I've been behind blog reading too, as I've been busy making a photoalbum for my Dad's 90th birthday and preparing to travel to Portugal first week of March! So much to do still...

  2. So beautiful. Love the food the very best, but I always love the food the best. I also love the shot with the boats out on the water. That will be me and hubby soon.

    Have a fabulous day, Sami. ♥

    1. Thanks Sandee. Enjoy your boating trip :)

  3. Reading your post is like joining a wild party! Fireworks and dances and bubbly drinks. I used to work in Bunbury. So I was quite surprised that I never found out about the 4 giants in Mandurah! They look great for photos!

    1. Thanks Roentare. The giants were finished in November 2022 and will stay in Mandurah for 1 year.

  4. One of your quite busy months and you swapped the humid heat of Bali for your own dry heat. Those "Giants' really are so good.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Dry heat is much better :) The giants are amazing!

  5. Replies
    1. They are really cute animals, and they seem to have a smile on their faces :)

    2. They certainly are William. Looks as if they are smiling.

  6. Essas ilhas, com essas águas, são paradisíacas.

  7. You have had a very busy month on top of last month. You know I always love seeing the food you eat and photograph, but the black swans were my favorite. Loved seeing them.

    The giants are appearing all over the world. There were two on loan at Kew Gardens in London. Great that you got up close and personal with them.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, the giants are amazing! They will be in Perth for 1 year.


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