Friday, 14 October 2016

This week - cats, walls and insurance win


Last week I took our cat Shelley to the vet for a check-up, and as I was well aware the vet said she needed to lose weigh as she's obese. Since all 3 are overweight, I've decided to put all of them on this weight control food.

This Wednesday I took Fluffy and Shelley to be measured, weighed and photographed to get them ready for their weight loss program.
I didn't take Twiggy, as she's a nervous and stressed cat, so I weighed her in the bathroom scale and she just squirmed until I put her down! She hates to be picked up!

Fluffy weighs 8kgs, Shelley 7,8kgs and Twiggy +- 7kgs. Their ideal weight should be around 5,5kg and apparently it will take about 7 months of dieting until they reach their ideal weight!
Do you play with them, asked the vet nurse? Well, they hardly jump, they are 9 years old, not playful at all, only one of them will try and catch things I wave in front of him, the other 2 just look and ignore...   She said I should hide their cat kibble in toilet rolls or scatter their biscuits throughout the house so they search for it and take their time eating their meals instead of gobbling it all up in 2 minutes! 
This is going to be fun!!

Our boy Fluffy weights 8kg

Shelley weighs 7,8kg

Twiggy weighs about 7kg


I've also decided to do some minor make-overs at home - I swapped my dining room and tv room around.  Because I also wanted to swap the pictures on the walls, I had to remove the nails and patch up the dining room wall that was originally painted turquoise.
When I looked in the garage for the leftover paint I realized that I no longer had that colour.

Former turquoise wall

Off to Bunnings  (hardware store) I went, collected paint chips and chose a lighter tone - blue/gray called "Alpine Valley" from Taubmans. 
I've also painted the kickboards white as originally they were painted in a cream colour and that's something that's been bugging me!  I still have to do that for the whole house...

I still have to put up the pictures and move the couch against the wall.

Next Wednesday I'll be painting the formal lounge feature wall - going from yellow to gray - "Fresno Sky" from Taubmans. I'll post some photos when all is done and dusted.

Lots of bits and pieces to be done around the house and garden in preparation for our Christmas visitors.


Our home and contents insurance was up for renewal. Since lots of new companies have come on the market offering great deals, I thought I should phone around and get quotes. 
I got 2 new quotes for about $500 less a year than what we're paying now!!

Wow, that's a lot of money we could be saving, so I called up our Insurance company, told them about these quotes and after going up the rank, and because we've been with them for many years I managed a $500 discount. 
I also mentioned the fact that my husband pays less for his car insurance with another company, even though his car is worth 3 times more than mine, so again after a bit of figure crunching they also gave me a $300 discount on that! 

How about that, we just saved ourselves $800 a year!! I wish I had investigated that sooner.

Wishing you a great weekend ahead, with a photo I took tonight of Shelley and Twiggy cuddling on the footstool. It's not often I find them together.


  1. Your cats are rather heavy ones indeed, but they look cute so cosy together. Will be difficult to put them on a diet. Wish you luck!

    1. I agree Marianne, it won't be easy for the cats... or me having to deny them food when they miaw non-stop!

  2. It's a little bit funny to put your cats on a diet, but I understand why. Shelley and Twiggy look very similar and so cute cuddling together.
    Great job on the insurance deal! I wonder how many opportunities one loses simply by not asking things more often. Have a nice weekend!

    1. All 3 cats are siblings Sara, although Fluffy won the good looks lottery! I know, I wish I had acted earlier on the insurance, but I've been telling my friends all about it so they act on it too!

  3. Wow, $800 is a good deal indeed - better late than never, don´t look back in anger.
    Haha, I feel with your cats right now! Ingo should hide goodies from me, too!
    Bunnings, oh, yes. I remember how we walked to the next one in the heat to get a new antenna for watching TV in the cabin.
    Yay for make-overs. I love that turquoise color, though....

    1. Yes, a lot of money! These companies make as though they are giving you the best deals, and they are not! Bunnings is a magnet for do-it-yourself people, always packed on weekends! I've had that turquoise wall for 8 years, so time to change.

  4. Dearest Sami,
    Wow, you really have quite a hefty weight of felines at your home.
    Don't know what our Speckie weighs but I guess around 6 kg.
    But indeed, it is impossible to police them twice a day when they have their meals.
    We know that Speckie does doe the 'dishes', she will finish any kibbles that the others might leave behind... I always cheat her when I give treats to the svelte Tiggy-Tiger because she really doesn't need any - but okay I grant her just one.
    Animals are just like people, they are all different and it's hard to change their character.
    In the hallway I used to play ball with Barty the eldest and he's good at it still but Speckie runs once or twice and lies down; boom! And I'm the one running with her ball.
    Great bargaining on your insurance. Over the years it has gone up and indeed we have to knock it down as we can do so.
    Looking forward to your new room; like the color far better the way it is now.
    Sending you hugs and my eldest is purring on my lap right now... They love to be their Mommy's baby...

  5. Thanks Mariette, our Shelley is also a plate cleaner, if the other 2 don't eat all their food, she will!

  6. Bleubeard still plays (he's nearly 16, and loses weight in the summer), but Squiggles doesn't have any desire to play (barely 2 and doesn't stop eating when it's warm out). I finally put him on a diet where I gave him 1/3 cup food a day for three weeks. Now he is slimmer and eats a bit less, but has started to overeat again. This may turn into a long term diet for him, which means Bleubeard also gets punished because I have to keep their food dishes separate, especially since Bleubeard gets special food because he is older.

    Can't wait to see the rest of your makeover.

    Sounds like you did a great job on your insurance. Maybe I should try that, too!

    1. My cats probably get too much food, they eat 1/4 cup twice a day, plus if my husband goes to the kitchen during the night they will all come running begging for food...and they usually get a few more biscuits. They have never been very playful either, unless when they were tiny. Try and get some quotes too Elizabeth, you never know. I had never thought of it until now.

  7. Oh dear I know how your pussycats feel Sami.. from tomorrow I'm on a strict diet also 😊 They look so cute together on the chair, it's a bit of a tight squeeze ☺ I really should check our insurance policies, haven't looked at them for years!

    1. Thanks Grace, it might be easier for us to diet. That footstool is certainly too small for both cats :) Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Well done on the savings - I hate it when you only get the discount when you threaten to leave a company through, worth it! Hope you get to spend some :)
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren, quite right, first you have to tell them you're leaving, they don't think to give you a discount before that!!

  9. Awwww....they are adorable! I wish you all the best.

  10. Awwww....they are adorable! I wish you all the best.


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