Sunday, 14 February 2016

Travelling with my overseas visitors - Margaret River (I)

After our short visit to Augusta, it was time to drive about 40km to the town of Margaret River where we would stay another 3 days.

By the time we arrived the office had closed, but they had left a message on my mobile from where to pick the keys. 
It took a few tries before I retrieved them from the correct locker, as at first I kept entering the wrong "Resort" and then when I got the keys I couldn't find the correct house! I was trying the keys in an apartment belonging to one Resort, when we actually had a privatelly owned little villa in the other Resort!  How silly of me!!
We were actually surprised at the nice little house, although the furnishings could have done with a bit of upgrading, as it all looked a bit dark for a holiday home. On the upside it was close to town and quiet.

The front of the villa

The back had a nice outdoor area with a garden area running along all the other villas
While sitting outside for our first lunch my Dad saw a black "lizard" coming close to the house. He cut up a little bit of steak and threw it to him. Out of the bushes came another one! If we got closer they would run into the bushes again.

Anyway, my Mom was petrified of the lizards - King's skink and worried that they might start coming into the house searching for food, so we had to keep the patio doors closed most of the time...

The skink eating the piece of meat
Two is a crowd!
Margaret River is located in a wine producing region (mainly boutique wines), is well know for it's great produce and great food. Not far away are stalactite and stalagmite caves to be explored, as well as beautiful beaches, some of them well known to the surfing crowd.

The Main road, near the Hotel
The skate park in the Youth Plaza
 We drove around visiting some of the beaches, still a bit too cold to swim...
Prevelly Beach

Smith's Beach
Canal Rocks is great for fishing

Another view of the bridge over the rocks at Canal Rocks

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the Margaret River area.
Next post -  Wineries and surrounding areas of Margaret River.


  1. Lovely pictures! The beaches look so nice. I'm looking forward to see images of the wineries.

  2. That west coast looks so beautiful, so nice to travel around with you by this post.

    1. Thanks Marianne. Have a lovely Valentine's day.

  3. I think this would have been a holiday with many wonderful memories for your folks Sami, wonderful holiday captures.

    1. Thanks Grace. It was a photographer's delight for my Dad for sure!
      And of course my Mom and our friend also loved everything.

  4. Dearest Sami,
    Haha, I know that most people that are not yet used to the size of subtropical animals, get scared easily. But those lizards don't do any harm. Glad your Dad fed them some steak so he could study them and you captured great photos.
    Lovely surroundings and fond memories.

    1. Thanks Mariette, they do look menacing, even though they are harmless.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time, despite being too cold for a swim. Great pics!

    1. Yes, visiting these places was still fun. Thanks Iris.


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