Thursday, 25 February 2016

Travelling with the family - Cowaramup or Cow Town

Our 10 days away soon came to an end, and it was time to return home to Perth.
We left Margaret River via the Bussell Highway, and stopped just 12km down the track at the quirky town of Cowaramup.


Anyone driving into town would think it's named after it's love of cows, but it's actually an Aboriginal name meaning "place of the cowara bird" (purple crowned lorikeet).

In 2012, 42 life sized fibreglass statues of cows and calves were installed in the town, and in 2014 the town achieved a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people - 1352 - dressed as cows.
Once a sleepy town, the presence of the cows has made Cowaramup a major tourist attraction for those travelling down South!  
There's even a cow-themed event in July - Deja Moo.

Don't worry I didn't photograph all 42 cows...just a few!

Dressed with glitter and Santa's hats for Christmas of course!
The "MuKau" cow wearing a Christmas coat

In the Pioneer Park on the main road, a few more cows make themselves at home.
Adjacent to the park is St. Mary's Anglican Church which was constructed in 1929.
The wooden church has a wall of remembrance commemorating many of the area's original settlers and services are held on the first and third Sunday of the month at 11,15am.

St Mary's Church
Grazing in Pioneer Park
A lovely metal sculpture, more cows and on far right a stone bridge across a small creek
I think this one is a "copy" of the Golden Lady at the Laurence wines (

With the ideal climate for Bordeaux type wine, the first grapes were grown here around 1917, with the first commercial vineyard established in 1967, the now famous Vasse Felix Estate
Other well know wineries are Madfish Winery and Howard Park.

Cowaramup started as a timber town in the 1930's, moved into agriculture with sheep introduced in 1934 and cattle introduced in the 1960's.

The town has a local produce store, post-office, bakery, fruit and vegetable shop, real estate, service station, liquor store, computer store, social club and various speciality stores selling gourmet produce such as candies, arts and crafts and gourmet treats, a restaurant and two cafes.
There's a town oval, tennis club and bowling green and a primary school, with nearest high school and university campus in Margaret River.

The town seems to be growing with new residential estates being sold - "Escape to the Country" anyone?

The only "but" was the many, many flies bugging us while we walked could be because of the cows, the real ones of course!
Truth be said in Summer you can't avoid the flies in Australia!


  1. Hehe, Deja Moo, I love that! And the golden one :-)
    Nice for tourists, but I think if you really live there it´s a bit much with all the cows, no?
    Oh, yes, the darn blowies!

    1. I don't know, maybe they actually enjoy having all the tourists, good for business too, and the town has really grown since the cows...

    2. Yes, the tourists are a clear win. But I wonder if the people living there still like to see all those cows every day...

    3. I suppose it's like any work of art, like it or not it's there every day, they just have to put up with it I think.

  2. Hi Sami,
    Thanks for leaving a kind comment on my artwork :)
    I see you are well traveled too!
    I bet you enjoyed South Africa, I spent 16 years there and I loved it!
    Great cows and lovely post :)
    Keep well

    1. Thanks Noushka, I lived about 20 years in South Africa. Good times then...

  3. That last cow looks very happy! :)

    1. I think they all look quite happy Marianne, lol.

  4. Schöne Bilder aus der Stadt mit den Kühen.


  5. Dearest Sami,
    Somebody had a brilliant idea for creating such an enormous and popular tourist attraction and I must say they look very neat. Except the one that is about to be catapulted off into the air... There is not water in sight.
    Flies are pesky and not nice when trying to eat anything!
    Lovely escape again and very entertaining for visitors.
    Just noticed that you recently lost one of your fur babies (on the sidebar...). So sorry about that!
    Sending you hugs and wishing you a happy weekend.

    1. Thank you Mariette for your lovely comments. We lost Baby just over 1 year ago.

    2. It is always sad... Hugs and happy weekend!

    3. Thanks, hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

  6. That last shot made me laugh out loud Sami :) Some of the small country towns can be quite quirky! I love Bridgetown down that way.

    1. Yes, cow on a stick is quite funny. Don't think I've been to Bridgetown, have to check that out Grace.


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