Saturday, 21 March 2015

Amsterdam was cold...but cool

I'm back home after our month long holiday where we visited our daughter in Amsterdam and then went on to Portugal to visit family and friends.

Holidays are always good, but we had a bit of a hectic time specially the last two weeks in Portugal, driving around from North to South, hopping from house to house,  trying to fit in as many people as possible, eating almost non-stop from morning to night... and we've put on weight to show for all the nice Portuguese delicacies we ate.

Sadly we didn't get to see everyone we had planned to see which was a pity, but the days are only so long, and our time was limited too.

We left Perth via Dubai and landed in Amsterdam on Saturday 21st February, at 1pm with a temperature of 3C.  Quite a shock after leaving Perth with 38C! 

Our daughter and her partner met us at the airport, and took warm coats, gloves and caps so that we could brave the weather in the week we would be staying in Amsterdam.

Our first walk - kitted out for the cold weather in a warm, coat, scarf, gloves and hat
Central Station - Amsterdam
We took the train into Central Station and then a short tram ride to their suburb.
After a nap we got ready to attend a birthday party at house of a Portuguese colleague of my daughter. 
It was a fun night with interesting conversation with a mixed bunch of people of Dutch, English, French and South African nationalities.
At the end of the evening my husband and I could hardly keep our eyes open and the 4 of us took the bus and then the tram home.

The next day, our daughter steering her bike and us on foot, walked a few blocks to go and hire 2 bikes so we could ride around like true Dutch!  The hiring cost us $10 a day for each bike.
We realized we were slow riders when even Mothers with 2 kids and a dog in their front tray would overtake us...
But of course they've been riding since they were 3 years old!
My husband and I on our rented bikes, with my daughter's building in the background
Accompanied by our daughter, we rode to the city centre, just 15 minutes away and took a ferry to the EYE Film Museum where we had a mint tea with real mint and honey.
I had never been served a mint tea with real mint, but in Holland that's the norm. And it's not just a couple of leaves, but a whole bunch of leaves!

The decor is very modern and the view from the Museum's Restaurant over the river IJ and the passing boat traffic is great.

Inside the Eye Museum
On our return home we went past this Windmill Pub. Our faces were freezing, the sun had gone down and it was time to go home and warm up.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


  1. The tea sure looks very yummy! Wow, do you have energy after such a long flight! Sounds like you had a great time, despite the cold.

    1. I find it easier on the way there, I seem to just fit in with the hours, the way back to Australia takes me a few days before I'm ok with the hours.
      I had Mint tea many times and always packed with mint leaves, it was really good!

  2. of my favorite cities, but then it's mine, and I grew up there and met my American husband there. Come back sometime when the weather is nicer!

    1. Yes, of course it's your city. It had been many, many years since I was last there and I really loved it. We'll have to go back in the summer, I'm sure it will be nicer.

  3. Replies
    1. Obrigada Monica, vale a pena ir visitar.

  4. Acredita que nunca fui ao EYE? Nunca calhou...Mas depois deste post, fiquei com vontade.

  5. Nos não visitamos o museu em si, foi mesmo para ir lá ver o restaurante e tomar algo. Mas é bonito por dentro e o ferry até lá é grátis.

  6. celeste_pereira@sapo.ptMonday, March 23, 2015

    That mint tea looks so good.

    1. All over Holland they seem to serve mint tea this way, which is great!

  7. Mais um passeio bem agradável! Que maravilha e bem aproveitado. Agora vou beber um chá! Gostei da receita. :P


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