Friday, 19 September 2014

Kings Park Spring Festival 2014

From September 1st to 30th, Kings Park comes alive with 3000 species of wildflowers, celebrating Western Australia's nature.

This year the star attraction is "Eva Bloom" - the gigantic pink silk flower - in front of the Visitor Information Centre. The flower is 6mt wide and 3mt high!
Isn't it just so cute?

Look but don't touch Evan Bloom

Eva Bloom

There are loads of activities for children throughout the month, and on the day of my visit I was amazed to see that probably just about every Primary school in Perth, was visiting the Park!  
It was the Kulunga Katitjin Festival day-  a day to promote and explore the world of local Aboriginal culture, science and sustainability - and the Nyoongar people were teaching the kids to make bush tucker, traditional dancing, storytelling and boomerang throwing.

Here they are dancing with Aboriginal folk
Lots of tents with activities for the kids - can you spot the Women's memorial statue I showed you on an earlier post?

Learning about worms to use on the compost to enrich the soil

This year, for the first time there will be talks in some foreign languages - "Secrets of the Botanic Garden Walk" - and the Portuguese community will have an opportunity for their guided visit on Tuesday 23rd.

Talks in various languages

View from Kings Park over South Perth across the Mitchell Freeway

The Floral clock has been revamped with wildflowers surrounding it. Very pretty!

On the stage a small brass band brought some jazz sounds to the festival, but every Sunday there are free outdoor concerts from 10,30am to 4pm.

A Jazz band was playing on the day of my visit

Throught the month there are also various talks about trees, grass, flowers and soil microbes, garden workshops...and on the last weekend there will be a native plant sale (27 to 29/9 from 10am to 4pm).

And here are the all important wildflowers!

A field full of wildflower
The wonderful Kangaroo Paws

Grass Trees
 An Aboriginal man plays the didgeridoo.

Hope you enjoyed the visit to Kings Park and the wonderful wildflower show.


  1. What a lovely celebration of Spring, Sami :) That lady at the worm stall looks like she might be chewing one from the look on her face!

    1. I also had a laugh when I saw the photo Joanne, but I didn't have another of the worm stall! I hope she doesn't see herself...

  2. The flower sure is impressive – and so pink, my Niece´d shriek in awe :-)
    Great to see how much is done on the Aboriginal sector. I kinda „saw“ it all since 1995 counting and things have improved greatly (if that is a word).
    Haha, the worm-thingy would be the right thing for my Niece – oh, can someone invent the „Scotty, beam me up“-thingy??
    Must be great to hear your origin language there! Are you homesick at times, btw? I never asked you, it kinda never came to my mind...
    Awwww... those flowers are just plain beautiful, thanks for sharing! Awww again!

    Great comment from restlessjo … hehe, so true, too! Scrolled back and giggle still! :-)

    1. The pink flower must be all the girls favourite!
      I will be going again on Tuesday for the guided tour in Portuguese (actually she is Brazilian) and hopefully meet other Portuguese visitors. I can't really say I get homesick, I do miss my family and friends, and of course I miss the wonderful Portuguese food! But we also have a big group of Portuguese friends in Perth that we meet up with once in a while.

  3. Vou ver se aproveito a visita em português:) não é todos os dias que se arranja uma oportunidade destas!

  4. Eu ja me inscrevi, la nos encontramos Terca-feira.

    1. Já não fui a tempo de me inscrever! :( vai ficar para a próxima vez!

    2. Pena, so eramos 7 pessoas, pelos vistos inscreveram-se 10. So eramos 2 Portugueses e 5 Brasileiros. Foi bem interessante, mas claro tambem se pode fazer o mesmo tipo de visita guiada em Ingles.

  5. Gorgeous shots Sami.. wonder what it was like up there on BOTH days this weekend, one too hot and the other to wet :)

    1. It was like going from Summer to Winter in a day! I can imagine there would be hardly anyone there on Sunday!

  6. I did enjoy it -- so beautiful! For a place that had loads of elementary schools you managed to get some photos without a bunch of kids, LOL! ;)

    1. Thanks Laurie, it's a huge park, so some spots were kid free!


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