Sunday, 11 May 2014

Celebrating Mother's Day in Fremantle

Mother's day was celebrated in Australia today.
In other parts of the world it was either last Sunday, in others it will be next Sunday...

My wonderful son and daughter in law took me to lunch at their favourite Italian restaurant in their neighbourhood. 
After lunch we drove to Fremantle and spent a few hours walking around and visiting some of our favourite spots.
It was a perfect Autumn day, with a top temperature of 24C!

Dame Dorothy Margaret Tangney (1907-1985)
This sculpture on the brick walls of the Norfolk Hotel was commissioned in 2013 by the Fremantle street art festival and done by Portuguese artist/sculptor  VHILS - check his work around the globe.

The next stop was a visit to the Fremantle Markets, held from Friday to Sunday, were I bought some interesting gifts to take when I visit Europe in a couple of months. 
There you can get anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to  clothes, art and other original and crafty things.

Outside the market, a busker is finishing his act

The cafes were full of people enjoying the wonderful warm Autumn day

Across the Fremantle markets, this 25mt mural of an Australian numbat, painted by ROA, a Belgium artist. He was also the one that painted a giant mural in Perth city centre in the recent Form festival. You can read about that by opening this link.

On the way to the parking lot where we left the car we walked past this wonderful bakery/cafe in Pakenham street, called Bread in Common, where they have the most wonderful artisan bread.
Inside, this brick house has been paired back to bare bricks, and has a very industrial and simple look. Outside, next to wooden seats, there's a couple of wooden boxes with fresh herbs and vegetables.

The fully renovated Esplanade Hotel occupies a whole block.

Back at my son's house we had a cup of tea and slice of cake and took this photo to remember a great day. 
I hope you too had a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for your trip to Fremantle Sami. We had friends around to help me eat the Frangipane Tart Dave & Courtney ordered from Sydney for me and then dinner cooked by Aimee.. as I'm sure you did, I ate too much today :)

    1. It was perfect weather Grace! That tart looked delicious!

  2. Gosh both of those murals are awesome. I have never heard of a numbat - it look a bit like our bandicoot but with stripes. That bakery just oozes character - I am sure their bread must be awesome.

    1. Hi Gill, I had never heard of a Numbat either, but there are so many obscure animals that just exist in Australia... The bread was very authentic, smell and all!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day for sure! And 24C, Wow! Only 11 over here...
    Where do you go in Europe?

    1. A great day Iris! We will go to Amsterdam to visit our daughter and then to Portugal. We had tickets for June, but they will have to be postponed for a couple of months as my husband is at the end of his project and has to stay on until the very end!
      I'm not too happy about that, but nothing we an do! We will miss a wedding in Portugal, and other things...

  4. Por pouco não nos vimos! Estou de volta a Perth, mas no domingo passado fui a Fremantle durante a manhã:) o tempo esteve maravilhoso e eu tinha muitas, muitas saudades de Fremantle...

    1. Esta de volta, ou so de visita? Se quiser tomar cafe um dia diga algo para o meu email.
      Pois por pouco nao nos encontravamos...

  5. VHILS e ROA são os meus street artists favoritos. Amei este post! :-)

  6. Tambem gosto muito do trabalho do Vhils, Jose.


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