Monday 14 May 2012

A lovely gift and Redecorating the lounge

I have been a lucky girl and received a beautiful silk scarf from Gill at Africanaussie in a draw to commemorate her blog reaching 100 followers.
I enjoy wearing scarves in winter (and necklaces in summer), so I will certainly use it soon.

Gill writes about her beautiful Queensland garden and sustainability, so if you enjoy gardening you might like to pay her a visit.
Once again, thank you Gill for the lovely gift!

I have painted the two boxes for my giveaway, but as I haven´t yet given them to the winners I have not yet posted the pictures. One of them is going to Portugal, and as I´m visiting Portugal in June, I hope to be able to meet up with Piglet to hand her the gift.

                                                         * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

During this week I have been making a few small changes in the decoration of my lounge - made some new pillow covers for the pillow on sofas, covered a small foot stool with the same material, and painted the frame of an old sewing machine, that used to be black and is now turquoise to go with the rest of the colour scheme.

The new pillow cases in brown/turquoise

The old Ikea footstool

The turquoise is a bit strong for what I had in mind, which was the dark turquoise in the fabric of the foot stool. But I´m actually liking the colour burst against the yellow wall. If I eventually tire of it I will give it another coat with a darker turquoise or otherwise just  brush it with a mix of brown oil paint (the craft type) and floor wax and the machine will then look a bit more its age.
Of course now I think my own art work behind this table setting does not go very well with the turquoise look, so I will have to put brush to canvas and come up with something.

The finished sewing machine table and the recovered foot stool.

A few days later - slightly darker now...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Mother´s day if you are a Mom! 

In Australia it was celebrated on the 13th May, in Portugal was celebrated on 8th May, and in France will be celebrated on the 27th May.


  1. The lounge looks beautiful. Mothers day in the Dominican Republic is May 27th. I wonder why everyone has a different one?

  2. Fab bit of restoration there Sami, you're right the turquoise does go perfectly with the yellow wall, I think it will still look gorgeous if you decide to do the aging process.

  3. I wonder too Lindsay, why can´t Mother´s day and Father´s day be the same all over? I keep on forgetting my Dad on father´s day, as in Australia it is celebrated in September, and in Portugal it´s in March!
    Thanks Grace - I have now aged it a little bit, I actually like it better, it was slightly bold, although I like bright colours.

  4. I love all the turquoise - my favourite colour.
    We have a bit longer to wait for Mother's Day in France as it happens - it's on 3 June this year, very late. :-(

  5. I love the blue agains the gold. the way you've covered the stool picking out the colur of the machine stand is brilliant. You are very creative.

    Do you ahve any firm dates as to when you are in the Algarve?

  6. Thanks Steph - I also like turquoise, and any other blues.

    Hi Carole - I first bought the fabric to cover the stool, then decided to paint the machine stand, and used a tin of paint I already had, that had been used to paint my dining room.
    I will be in Vilamoura from 23rd June for probably 5 days maximum. I will send you an email closer to the date so we can arrange a meeting.

  7. Glad you like the scarf, nice to have a holiday in Portugal to look forward to. I have just booked a ticket to go to SA in August, so am getting excited about that.

  8. Thanks Gill. I´m meeting up with my youngest sister who lives in South Africa, so a big family reunion is planned!


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