Sunday, 17 July 2011


I’ve just been tagged by  Piglet in Portugal  and now I’m “IT!…”Thanks Piglet!  It´s lovely to have virtual friends all over the world!!
I've been tagged!
I´ve been tagged
Who made this game up? I have no idea! But the way it works is a blogger tags you, you match your own posts in specific "Most this" and "Most that" categories, and then you tag another 5 people. 
I don´t know if I really deserved such an honour, you see I´m a new blogger, so Piglet was really trying to help me get started in my new adventure and helping me get new friends and readers. Thanks again Piglet, you are a star*
In fact tomorrow will be my FIRST MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!  I have managed to write 9 posts, this will be my 10th and over 500 people have viewed my blog.
In the first days, oh well let me be sincere here - every single day when I get back from work the first thing I do is open my page and check how many more people visited, and I feel real excitement at seeing I get visitors from many countries. A few days ago I put in a flag counter and just today I had 2 visitors from the Russian Federation, how exciting is that? The day I did my blogging course just after the students had all posted their blogs into the blogosphere, we were asked by the teacher to go to one of our colleagues blog and leave a comment.
Then we were taught how to interpret the "Stats" on our blog, and to my amazement just 1 hour after it had been posted I had my first visitor from Germany. WOW, I had been the only one with a foreign visitor. I felt like a real star***
What I find sad is that although so many have visited, very few have either become followers or even left comments to my posts. I know that I also follow a few blogs and don´t always leave comments, so I´ve now promised myself that from now on I will always leave a comment on any blog I read - if it makes me happy, I should be able to make others happy too.

So I will review my top  “Seven” posts in the various categories and will then tag the next 5 bloggers!

Most beautiful:   My cats (no dogs) Part 11      Of course being a cat lover this has the most beautiful photos of all my cats, past and present.
Most proud of:    My interests and my first blog   My first post was done in a blogging class, and I am very proud that I have been able to continue my learning curve, searching out things on the internet, I have even been able to make my own grab button...LOL
Most controversial:   Don´t have one yet...
Most popular:  The popularity as been the same for most posts, so can´t really give a specific one.
A post whose success surprised me:  Don´t have one yet...
A post that didn't get the attention I felt it deserved: Don´t have one yet...

                                               * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So now I will tag the next 5 in no specific order. Please go and spread the tags to your favourite blogs.   - A literary blog in Portuguese, also some poetry and natural health issues. - An Australian blog about life in the country.  - Another Australian blog, from a young lady about her passion for crochet.   - A Portuguese blogging about her life in the Netherlands.  (most recent posts are in English, earlier ones in Portuguese)  - This blog is about an Australian living in Portugal.
(I seem to be attracted to all these expat blogs, but they are funny to read I guarantee you!)


  1. Sorry I will comment in portuguese language, because will be easier for me:
    Este artigo muito explicito, vem demonstrar a ideia que tenho de que os bloguistas são seres altruistas, que usam as suas capacidades, o seu tempo, a sua boa vontade, a favor dos outros.A partilha é importante no mundo.
    Como bloguista, também sinto que deveria receber mais comentários. Naturalmente que todos gostamos que nos digam que o nosso trabalho "valeu a pena". Ninguém está para partilhar o seu tempo com pessoas que não apreciam o seu trabalho e não lhe dão valor.
    Naturalmente que o interesse do bloguista será melhorar, por isso os comentários poderão mostrar boa vontade em nos ensinar - se outro comentário agradável não for possível. No caso deste blogue, só dirá mal quem estiver de mal com o mundo.
    Obrigada pelos comentários sobre o meu blogue. Para quem não é jovem (que é o meu caso), que nunca teve aulas de aprendizagem sobre escrita no computador, tendo aproveitado a sabedoria do seu curso comercial de dactilografia, estou feliz com o que tenho conseguido, Bem haja pela ajuda.
    Sami, o blogue sami-colourfulworld, além do nome maravilhosamente sugestivo, está lindo, simples, retrata em poucas palavras uma pessoa que escreve sem complicar a escrita, esta segue-se como se estivessemos entrosados na história,no local.

  2. 500 people in the first month, why that's excellent!

    My favourite post was Perth - the city I live in. You described it so well!

  3. Hi, Sami :-)

    Thank you so much to tag Presepio and become a follower! :-)
    Congratulations for your 1st month in blogland! :-)
    I will come back to read your previous entries!
    Have a nice week! :-)

  4. Thanks to the anonymous poster for the lovely comments and encouraging comments. (Obrigada pelo fabuloso comentário ao meu blog)

    Thanks also to Piglet in Portugal for the encouragement.

    Obrigada Presépio no Canal, agradeço a visita. Gostei tambem de ler o seu blog. Por acaso tenho uma sobrinha que recentemente mudou para Amesterdao para se juntar ao seu amor!

  5. thanks for the posts - I have only been blogging myself for a few weeks - and you are right it's exciting to check back and see where people are from! and one blog certainly does lead to another!
    keep going! and enjoying!


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