Monday, 18 July 2011

1 Month Blogging Anniversary

Today is my first month blogging anniversary.

I can´t believe I´ve managed to get a few followers, and well over 500 viewers looked through some of my posts. I´m enjoying every minute and making new virtual friends.
I have evolved a tiny bit, have learned a few things along the way and I´m ready to learn a lot more.

I enjoy looking at other blogs for design inspiration and to see what I could improve in mine.
I have found quite a few interesting blogs, and every time I look at a blog, one or more of the blogs that person is following catches my eye, and I´m opening another page to have a look.
It´s addictive I think! Some nights I find myself sitting at my desk for a few hours at a stretch just reading blog after blog...and nothing else gets done around the home.

I have so many art projects on hand, waiting to be finished, so that I can take photos and post them... I really need to set out a schedule to work on these or I run the risk of not fulfilling the aim of my blog which was to show my crafts.
One of my favourite oil paintings
Do you all spend countless hours blogging every day?

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  1. Congratulations. Your blog is already nice. You are very accurate.We have a lot of visitors.Did you advert on TV in Australia or all over the world? Keep it going.


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