Friday, 15 December 2017

Castaways Sculptures at Rockingham Beach

And I'm back to blogging about Perth although still a bit behind.
This post is about the 10th edition of the Castaways Sculpture Awards at Rockingham Beach, in the southern suburbs of Perth. 
The sculptures were shown to the public from Saturday 28th October to Sunday 5th of November with an expected 20000 people visiting the event.

I visited Rockingham beach on the 29th of October, on a beautiful Spring day and lots of families were enjoying themselves in the park next to the beach (Churchill Park) while others roamed the sand looking at the sculptures.

All the sculptures were made with recyclable materials and the underlying message was about caring for our environment.

Another wonderful and free public initiative similar to the Sculpture by the Sea, held at Cottesloe beach (northern suburbs) in March.

Rockingham Beach, Church Park next to the beach

The Castaways" giraffes made by Greg James, with hessian, wood, steel, bronze were  for sale at $10,000.
The "Little Mermaid" made with pull tabs by Yuko Takahashi was selling for $3000.
The cubes "Total entanglement of the heart" made of wooden pallets by Sean Adams and "Jelly School", the jellyfish made of plastic, fabric, steel and aluminium, by the John Tonkin Education Support Centre.

"Drag'N'fly" by Kelly James, with aluminium and mixed materials,
"Bell tree", by Eileen Macpherson, Milan Mirkovic and Alex Sheppard, made of aluminium,  
"Obsolescence" by Rima Zabaneh, made with cd's and cable ties, 
"Taking a bath", by David Johansen, made with insulation panel, wood and fibreglass and "Jumbo" by Michael O'Doherty made with aluminium

"Genome" by Ruth Acton, made with aluminium wire, cans, sheet steel wire and forks,
"Birdies" by Carol Clitheroe, made with golf clubs, aluminium steel, plastic and found objects (top and bottom right),
"Scrappy" the sea lion made with scrap metal by Andrew Wilmott, was for sale at $24,400
"No Spring chicken" by Stella Onderwater, made with steel, embroidery thread and polymesh.

Safety Bay artist Carol Clitheroe created "Birdies" with used golf clubs to represent emu chicks and an emu made out of aluminium cans and plastic lenses from glasses. The nest is made from wire, plastic strapping and golf clubs.

"Rescued 11" by Gia Armstrong, made with plastic, aluminium wire, foam, fishing line, plastic sheeting, found objects.

"Visitors" (set of 4 birds), by Zoe Neil, made with aluminium cans, ceramic and wood.

"Fishing Jetty" by Barb Green with fishing rope (found on beaches), aluminium, fencing wire, old jetty timbers.
"Good catch" by Murray Ford made with glass and aluminium (middle left and bottom right), which was my favourite, with the sale price of $800.
"Lost Soles-Lost at Sea"  by Claire Davenhall, made with aluminum, wood, leather, fabric, paper, found objects and resin.
"Inspiration" by Eileen MacPherson and Milan Mikovic, made with steel, glass and wood.
"Ginko" (caravan) by Brett Todman made with aluminum and timber was for sale at $18,000.

The following collage is of sculptures made by children from various Primary Schools in the area, and again the object was to use recycled material and to convey a message of re-use and save the planet.

Works from various Primary Schools in the Rockinham area

Before leaving the beach people could cast their votes for the top 5 sculptures and also hang a message in the (metal) bottle.  
A huge amount of work went into making all of these works of art, hope you enjoyed them.

Rockingham Beach and park, message in a bottle, roaming the sand, birds at sea, dolphin sculpture at entrance to beach

Have a lovely weekend. 

I'm not looking forward to Sunday when a storm is forecast with 20mm of rain on the day, which is more than the normal average for Perth for the whole month of December!! 

And on a good note, I've managed to buy all my Christmas presents (not many presents) and I'm busy wrapping them up. Just awaiting for my husband's present as I ordered it online. Very happy!!


  1. Uma bela praia e gostei bastante destes trabalhos escultóricos.
    Bom fim-de-semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa
    O prazer dos livros

    1. Obrigada Francisco, foi uma exposicao interessante.

  2. WOW. What fabulous art. The one I was conerned about was called Zebras. Was that a joke, or ?? because they look like giraffes to me. And it was one of my favorites, too.

    But what I most liked about these pieces, was that each seemed to include recycled materials and found objects. What a refreshing thought that was for me.

    1. I had to laugh, I read and re-read before posting and didn't spot the mistake, who knows why I wrote zebras instead of giraffes?
      They are giraffes Elizabeth, thanks for spotting that ūüėÄ.
      They all included recycled stuff, I think the artists were very imaginative. I thought you would enjoy it as you also use a lot of recycling in your art.

  3. Gosh there are some beauties here Sami, love the giraffes. I didn't even know they had this event every year.. looks as fab as Sculpture by the Sea. I wonder if we will get that much rain.. we do need it. Hope you have a good weekend xx

    1. I visited it last year Grace but wasn't aware of it before, but don't even think I posted about it.
      From the news it seems it will be bad, let's see, sometimes they predict bad weather and we don't get any, thankfully...
      Done all my Christmas shopping and have been wrapping presents, first time I'm up to date.

  4. I really do like the Jelly School.
    Obsolescence is beautiful, too. Birdies looks like he´s up nothing good :-)
    Rescued 11 looks beautiful, it´s irony...
    Wow you could leave some momey there!
    Wonderful idea to also have Primary Schools involved - and they did great, too.
    A welcoming dolphin is a nice idea, too.

    Yikes, hope storm and rain do no harm!

    1. Thanks Iris. Obsolescence is great and shiny with all those CD's, must have taken a while to collect them.
      I thinks it's great kids get involved in this type of initiative, a great time to learn to respect the planet.
      I hope the storm isn't too bad either, I had a Pre-Christmas gathering with Portuguese friends scheduled for Sunday at Kings Park, but we had to reschedule.

  5. Oh wow! Sami, these are fantastic! I'd love the giraffes for my garden! The neighbors would have a shock to find giraffes looking over the fence at them!
    But there are so many great sculptures!

    1. Lol, that would certainly be something to remember. I wouldn't mind some of the sculptures in my garden either. Have a nice weekend Christine.

  6. Lovely!!!

    I miss the beach!!

    Have a very nice weekend, Sami.

    1. Thanks Catarina, we have wonderful beaches in Perth, although I'm not much of a beach person.

  7. Lindas imagens Sami. Obrigada pela partilha. Bom fim de semana e boas festas.

    1. Obrigada Sandra. Feliz Natal para si também.

  8. O ano passado, por esta altura, estávamos aí na Austrália - Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.
    Este ano não vamos sair que vem cá a filha mais velha passar a época connosco.
    Boa semana

    1. Quando o Pedro passar por Perth diga. Tambem temos o mesmo sistema, de 2 em 2 Natais a nossa filha que vive em Amesterdao vem passar o Natal connosco na Australia. Boa semana para si tambem.

  9. So much fun and creativity! :) :)

  10. What a feast for the eyes! If I had a spare $10,000 I'd buy a giraffe for my 5 year old granddaughter, Angeline, who has been in love with them for 3 years. We don't know what inspired that, but she even demanded to be one for Halloween this year!

    1. How cute. My daughter in law loves giraffes too and of course when she was buying things for the baby room she bought lots of things with giraffes - toys, linen, lamp...

  11. These are good and so creative.

    All the best Jan

    1. The artists really have to be creative to use up junk materials and to make them look good. Thanks Jan.


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