Monday, 1 June 2015

Octopus and Cheesecake

My husband and I have been trying to eat a low-carb and grain free diet, mainly so he loses weight and keeps his blood sugar and cholesterol under control.
So no potatoes or his much beloved rice is on the menu, but once in a while I have to relent.
On Friday we went past a fish shop that had an amazing choice of frozen fish and we bought 2kg of octopus, something I don't easily find in my shopping area.

It would be for Saturday's dinner, and my husband suggested I make an Octopus salad, but that's very much a summer dish for me, so I suggested "Polvo a Lagareiro" - Grilled Octopus and potatoes in olive oil - just the right recipe for the colder nights we're having.

Since it would be a special dinner I invited our son and daughter in law to dinner, and they were surprised that we were having real potatoes and not a "potato substitute" like cauliflower.

Try it out, I'm sure you will love it, even though you might think octopus is weird.

Polvo à Lagareiro
  • 2 kgs frozen octopus (mine were just the long tentacles, all cleaned)
  • 2 onions
  • 2 bay leaves
  • salt
  • 1 kg small potatoes 
  • 5 or 6 garlic cloves
  • Parsley or coriander
  • olive oil (plenty)

Boil the frozen octopus in a pot with one peeled onion. No water needed, as the octopus will shed water). I used the pressure cooker and as soon as it started whistling I removed it from the stove.
Let cool and then cut up into small pieces.
(If not using a pressure cooker, cook in an uncovered pot with water and the onion until the octopus is tender). Octopus shrinks a lot after cooking.
Warm the oven to 180C. 
Wash the potatoes (I used normal potatoes suitable for roasting as I couldn't find small ones), put them in an oven tray, prick with a fork and add salt. Cook them in the oven for 30 minutes.
Remove tray from oven, and if potatoes are soft give them a punch with your fist. I used a wooden spoon over the potatoes to punch them so as not to burn my hands. (These are called "Batatas a Murro" or Punched potatoes).
Next, put the octopus pieces with the potatoes, a bit of salt over the octopus, add a chopped onion, and minced garlic. Drizzle with olive oil. Put back in the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes.
Remove from the oven and serve. You can sprinkle the tray with chopped parsley or coriander if you wish. Serves 6 to 8 people. I accompanied with boiled broccoli.
PS - "Lagareiro" is the man who produces olive oil.
Octopus tentacles already boiled
Polvo a Lagareiro
We couldn't finish the meal without a dessert of course - but this one was a low carb one!
No bake Cheesecake with a berry syrup. Yummi!!

Here is the link for the recipe - I made my syrup with raspberries instead of blueberries.
Note - I used powdered stevia as a sweetener and used less quantity in both the cheesecake and the syrup.

No bake cheesecake with raspberry syrup


  1. It does look good Sami but I'm going to have to pass on the octopus, make mine a double serve of the cheesecake :) Must admit I had a busy weekend cooking and visitor wise also. I made a really easy and totally delicious home made ice cream, so simple.. double cream, condensed milk and vanilla extract beaten together until thick into the freezer and there you are six hours later seriously good ice cream.. I served it with fresh fruit but think next time I might mix some chocolate into it before freezing.

    1. Uhmmm anything with vanilla is great, that ice-cream sounds great Grace!

  2. I in this case I go with Grace, not a double, though ;-)
    Gnah, I do know seafood is healthy, but I just cannot... it´s the genes!

    1. I eat meat, but not much either, I prefer chicken or turkey, and any seafood too.

  3. I have had and enjoyed a salad with baby octopus, but never eaten large octopus.

    1. I also like an octopus salad, but I think that is more suitable for summer. You should try this recipe then Gill.

  4. Polvo à Lagareiro is my favourite octopus recipe! :-)

    1. Mine too Jose, and then there is Bacalhau a Lagareiro too. Yummi! Must be all that olive oil...

  5. That looks very nice, I like octopus and maybe have a try with yourn recepie.

  6. I'm a fan of octopus although I've gotta admit I haven't been brave enough to cook it at home

  7. Dearest Sami,
    Finally making my rounds... Would have loved to be a special dinner guest at your home as I love octopus, we ate it often while living near Venice, Italy. In Jesolo, there was a fabulous fish restaurant where we dined.
    Thank you for the cheesecake recipe as well. Will have to look at that one; looks so yummy.
    Yes, I too have to watch my sugar intake and stay away from starches which change into sugars once inside our body. But I do love the whole grain breads and will not give up on them. Both my husband and I follow a low cholesterol diet too. Sending you hugs,

    1. Thanks for your visit Mariette. I agree, bread is hard to give up, but I make gluten free bread or bread with almond/coconut flours, which isn't bad, but not as tasty.....

  8. Que bom aspecto tinha o polvo à lagareiro!! Felizmente acabei de comer bacalhau com natas, senão já ia ficar aqui cheia de vontade de comer algo português!

    1. Que bom! Ha muito tempo que nao come Bacalhau com Natas, costuma ser o meu prato preferido para a noite de Natal, por acaso comprei bacalhau congelado este Sabado.


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