Friday 13 December 2013

Perth Christmas Pageant 2013

Last year I went to the city to watch the Christmas Pageant, but went too late and landed up hanging from a statue with a friend to be able to see some glimpses, and halfway through the parade my camera's battery went flat...

This year I was better prepared! I convinced my family to be in the city by 5,30pm so that we would be able to sit on the edge of the pavement - first row seating, and my battery was fully charged!

The 42nd Perth Christmas Pageant was held on Saturday 7th December, on St George's Terrace, over a 1,4km long stretch of road. Starting time was 7,30pm lasting for about 1 hour.

At 5,30 the pavements were already getting crowded
Even arriving at 5,30 we only got a second row "seat". There were 4 of us, and we had taken 2 beach chairs and a picnic blanket and a small "esky" (cooler box) with food and water.
There was a cool breeze, and halfway through our wait my husband and I decided to go to Target on the next street and buy some polar fleece bed throws for all of us. 
When we returned the pavements were all so blocked up by people that we struggled to return to our seats, and people were wary of letting us go past fearing we were just trying to get to the front and cheating them out... Crazy!!

We ate and chatted, and watched the street entertainment until the much awaited parade started.

Street entertainment before the Pageant started

WA, TV stars parade in a fancy American car
Lisa Scaffidi (the Lord Mayor of Perth) and Samantha Jones (X-Factor 2012 winner)

Close to us some celebrities were being interviewed - the Lord Mayor of Perth - Lisa Scaffidi (in the violet jacket) and Samantha Jade, the tiny Perth singer who won X-Factor 2012, and who was the Pageant's start attraction.
Just before the start of the Pageant you can see the crowds
Just after 7,30 the first floats started coming our way and the crowd perked up.
The parade was made up of floats representing children's stories,  of dancing schools, gymnasts, some communities like the Chinese, South American, Taiwanese, etc were also represented.

This giant watches over the buildings of the city centre

This rotating candelabra was a popular float

Remember "Thomas the Tank engine"?
A float for the Swan River Boat

This huge "My Little Pony" delighted the kids

We all enjoyed the show, the only downside was that we sat near a rubbish bin and once in a
while the wind would blow the awful smell to our side....not pleasant! I don't think I will convince the family to go again next year... And we also had a lady that although she was sitting "front row" insisted on standing up most of the time while taking photos and blocking my view...

When Santa's carriage came by, it was the end of the parade, and everyone suddenly got up and started running towards the nearby Esplanade train station. 
The crowd moved quickly though, as there was no need to pay for tickets. The trains were coming every 5 minutes, and my husband and I managed to get onto the first train that stopped, but we lost sight of our son and his wife, who only managed to get onto a train 15 or 20 minutes later.

Apparently there were 200 thousand people watching the Pageant. Can you imagine 200 thousand people, 8 to 10 rows deep, crammed on the pavement, stretching their necks to have a view of the pageant going by?

The crowd rushes to the station...
Do you have Christmas pageants in your city? Do you watch them or do you feel they are just fun for the kids?
I had fun, and I think the atmosphere is half the fun, but I don't think my family was too impressed with the time spent sitting there, so it might be the last time I have their company...


  1. You got fab shots here Sami, you did well to make sure your battery was charged..wish I'd done the same :) we drove in at 7.00 parked in the car park just by the Freeway, walked up to the corner where the floats came around the corner onto the terrace, not many people, prime spot and BAM battery! We watched though, then as Santa disappeared down the terrace we walked back to the car and home, very painless indeed.

  2. You had the right spot then Grace...will keep that in mind for next year!

  3. Muita diversão a avaliar pelas fotos e também pela quantidade de gente a assistir ao desfile.


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