Sunday, 27 October 2013

Shoe Box, Metal Headboard and chest of drawers makeover for Guest bedroom

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my op-shop purchase of a shoe box cabinet that I wanted to makeover.
I finally got around to painting it and it is now at the bottom of my bed and my shoes finally have a place in my bedroom instead of being stored in the guest room wardrobe.

The shoe box
The inside of the shoe box
Fortunately after reading a couple of blogs about new paint methods I came across "Chalk Paint" and with some red left-over paint, tile-grouting left over from our floor renovating project and a bit of water I made myself a little jar of pink paint. 
That meant that I didn't have to sand and prime the wooden box, how good is that?
Two coats of paint was all that was needed. Then a bit of sanding around the corners to make it look a bit aged and voila!

The first coat is done!

I decided to use a bit of lacy fabric and spray paint the front with white spray paint, but the effect wasn't exactly what I wanted. I might give it another try, and see if it will look more lacy than it does now. 
The  metal door pull was originally in our bathroom cupboards that were thrown out when we we renovated our bathroom earlier this year. I had kept the pulls as I thought they might one day be used somewhere.
This shoe storage box is now at the feet of my bed.

The foam cushion was covered in pink fabric
A bit of sanding around the edges give it an antique look

And now for the Guest bedroom makeover -
I  have finally painted the metal headboard that I picked up on the side of the road at one of the verge collections last year. It had been standing against the back wall of the house until I decided that it would look good painted in a pale blue to go with the striped wall in my son's bedroom, now the guest room.
The headboard was black and I also used the "Chalk paint" method and made a pot of light turquoise paint to paint it.

I almost forgot to take a pic before the bed was all covered in the new paint
Painting each side of the headboard
A couple of gold touches finishes the look
The finished bedroom

With the revamped chest of drawers (on the right) painted with various tones of turquoise and the blinds hung the room is ready, now we just need the guests! 
From a plain stained pain chest of drawers...

To this colourful ombre chest of drawers to match the bedroom colours
Do you like the Ombre chest of drawers? It came up quite nice I think! It was a purchase from Gumtree, and cost $80.

And here is a photo of the bedroom in it's original state when we came to see the house for the first time! Can you see the hideous 70's carpet in brown and orange?
Big improvement I think!

Bedroom in it's original state when we bought the house


  1. O quarto está tão mimoso! E o baú ficou muito bonito também.
    A Sami tem mesmo muito jeito para a decoração.

  2. two lovely projects. that shoe box is very unusual, but functional. Shoes are always a pain to store.

  3. I love what you've done here Sami, goodness me you are so good at restoring old things. I will have to fix up Aimee's room as a guest room when she moves into her own place in December, it's going to be so weird not having her at long did it take you to get used to your son not being home ?

  4. Thanks Grace. It wasn't easy when Michael moved out, I really felt very lonely, I eventually got used to it a few months that he is married and lives closer, they pop in twice a week for dinner or a just a visit.

  5. Perfeito! E o gato é lido.

    A operação correu bem, os dias seguintes foram horríveis, mas já estou bem. Obrigado pelo seu cuidado, Sami.

  6. Obrigada JM. E o meu Fluffy. Ainda bem que a operacao correu bem. As melhoras

  7. Oo, both your projects turned out great! I do love the headboard, just not sure about it against the stripes. It might not be ideal but it is still very cheerful! Thank you for your comment on my 1,000th post -- I am so happy about FINALLY getting my degree; it was 4 years ago but I'm still glowing! :)

  8. Thanks Laurie. Still doing a few alterations to the room until it's finally done.


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