Saturday, 17 March 2012

Winners of the 100th post Giveaway

On my 100th post I wrote about giving away 2 wooden boxes painted/decorated with the winner´s chosen colours.
I put all the names in rolled up papers in a jar and picked the two winners.
Here are their names and lovely blogs. If you don´t know them yet, have a peep as they are both very enjoyable:
- Carole from Piglet in Portugal  (life from an expat living in Portugal).
- Amanda from Not a Ballerina   (a travel blog)

Congratulations to the winners, who have been notified by email.
I will start crafting soon and will post photos of the finished boxes. Piglet wanted a box with "pigs", so I have to put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with!
Thanks to all that participated, and hope to have a lot more of my readers participating in some future giveaway.


  1. Oh darn! Maybe I'll win next time!

  2. Sorry Lovely light, I wish I could give everyone that replied a gift. It would be expensive to post though...Maybe next time xxx

  3. Hi Sami,

    I am sooo pleased thankyou!, but do wait until you are next in Portugal...

    I'm beaming from ear to ear :)

  4. Hi Sami,

    may be worth adding your blog here

  5. Thanks for the tip Carole, I have added it.xx


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