Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Visiting Parks around Perth with the family

Back to the city this time by car, and on this day we started by stopping at the Crawley boatshed on the Swan river, on Mounts Bay Road before making our way to the wonderful Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

The Boatshed, also known as the Blue Boat house, is a huge hit with photographers specially at sunset. The nearby Eliza statue in the Swan River is also another fun addition to this route and she gets frequently dressed up to suit various occasions and celebrations.
The last time I photographed Eliza she was wearing the Portuguese colours in celebration of Portugal's win at the European Soccer Championships in July 2016.

The Crawley Boatshed

The Boat shed, my sister in law and brother in law and me in front of the boatshed,  Eliza statue in the Swan River and a pelican

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

I've often mentioned Kings Park in my posts, and luckily our visiting family loved it too and thought it was an amazing park! 
It's one of the largest inner city parks in the world, with 400 hectares, two thirds of it being protected bushland that provides a haven for native plants, animals and micro organisms.

Kings Park - views in Kings Park and view of the city from Kings Park. Notice the Kookaburra (bird) on bottom right photo

Another view of Perth and other views of the park - the glass bridge, the Firemen memorial, DNA tower and park foliage and flowers
Other views of the city from Kings Park and views in Kings Park

Queens Park

From Kings Park to Queens Park in the east end of Perth - a much smaller park with a nice lake with water lilies, black swans and ducks, a rose garden, and a bench used by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in the romantic film "Notting Hill". At one of the entries there is a statue of Peter Pan.

Peter Pan statue, the bench from Notting Hill, lake with black swans, roses

You can read the story of the bench here:

Victoria Gardens & East Perth

Just north of Queens Gardens are the Victoria Gardens, another popular family park with picnic tables, benches and barbecues next to the beautiful suburb of East Perth.
Formally an industrial area, in the early 1990's the East Perth area was developed and is now a modern and pretty residential suburb with lots of apartment buildings.

Here you can find lots of coffee shops and restaurants around Claisebrook Cove, and we ended our day with a refreshment in one of the Cafe's, under the canopy of a umbrella with water jets to cool us down on that hot and humid day.
Claise Brook is a small water stream that runs into the Swan river.

Victoria Gardens and the suburb of East Perth on Claisebrook cove
A wonderful youtube video about Kings Park:

I hope you enjoyed visiting some of the beautiful Perth parks. Which was your favourite?

Some of my other posts about the statue of Eliza:

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  1. Replies
    1. Tem aqui uma guia turística Paula!

    2. "Down under" está na minha "buckey list" desde "Uma cidade chamada Alice"! Se alguma vez decidir ir (e que contas terei que fazer :-) ) pode crer que lhe digo ;-)!

    3. Fico a espera Paula, ha sempre que se ter esperanca!

  2. Oh, Eliza was "naked" last time we passed her to the end of our last visit.
    As the boat house, we didn´t stop, but next time will!
    Well, to be honest Kings Park is my fav. I also love the one at WACA with Peter Pan and all those water plants.
    That was quite a tour for one day - but looks like you had heaps of fun!

    1. Poor Eliza naked...The park near WACA is Queen's park, a d you just made me realize I forgot to put a photo of the Peter Pan statue.

  3. Dearest Sami,
    Lovely parks you can visit in your region, with family!
    Great weather too, loud photos.
    As to your previous comment, yes we too did share the driving but if one is approaching the age of ninety than it is not a smart idea anymore.
    We never ever let Dad drive here as well. Common sense first!

    1. Thanks Mariette, the weather is still warm during the day, cooler at night. I agree with you about the driving, my Dad is 84 and my Mom also doesn't like &in driving long distances, he drives mainly just around their neighborhood.

  4. Nice to have a look at the beautiful surroundings in your country.

  5. Que maravilha!! E eu que adoro parques! Cada um mais bonito que o outro. Difícil escolher...Gostaria de visitar os que estão aqui.

    1. É bem vinda Sandra para uma visita e pode contar com a guia turística!

  6. I remember the first time I visited that you showed Eliza, she had on a winning soccer jersey. Always love the different looks she achieves.

    I am in AWE of that DNA tower, and the Fireman's statue, but of course, I always love seeing your famous black swans. They are so very, very rare in my country, and only found in zoos.

    You took some incredible shots of Queen's Park and Victoria's Gardens. It gave me a good idea of the beautiful area around where you live, where I'm starting to see that summer is slowly turning into autumn there.

    1. Good memory Elizabeth, it was indeed the first time I showed Eliza.
      The firemen statue is a recent addition and very well done. The black swans are everywhere and they are a symbol of Perth. We are slowly going into Autumn...

  7. Lovely pictures (as always!) and the bluest blue of any blue I've ever seen is always found here! In the second set of photos, on the right - please tell my that alligator is a statue and not the real - FEARSOME! - thing!

    1. Thanks J. No, that's not an alligator, it's one of 3 or 4 statues of ancient animals/dinosaurs that the kids love climbing onto.

  8. Beautiful pictures Sami!! The landscape in the park and gardens is gorgeous. It was nice to see Eliza again, even though she is not wearing the right shirt anymore ;)

    1. That true Sara, Eliza is no longer Portuguese, lol.
      Thanks Sara.


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