Monday, 25 August 2014

Queen at Perth Arena

I was thrilled to be able to get tickets to attend the only Perth concert of  "Queen" and Adam Lambert, at Perth Arena on Friday 22nd.
I say thrilled because I only bought the tickets the night before!
On my way home from work I heard on the radio about their concert, and as soon as I got home I went online and managed to get two tickets from the very few still available.
Luckily we even got tickets on the second tier, which were great, right in front  the stage.

Full house!
The control centre just below our second floor seats
 A few "Freddy" lookalikes popped up in the audience before the start of the show drawing applause from the crowd.
The Arena, which seats just over 15,000 thousand people was packed. 
I would hate if I had to climb right to the top row on the fourth floor, as looking from below they looked as if those balconies were just hanging there...

The show opened up with "Now I'm here" , and Adam, who was a runner up in the 2009 American Idol, a confident, flamboyant and energetic young man fits in well with the rest of the band, which now only has two of it's original members - Brian May and Roger Taylor -and for two hours they went through the usual Queen repertoire, in Adam's powerful voice.

Another outfit change, this time a vest with tasselled sleeves

 Brian May delivered a guitar solo playing "Love of my life", and started by saying "Let's do this for Freddie". Later on screen they showed Freddy on screen singing the vocals. The crowd cheered...

 A father and son drumming battle between Roger Taylor and Rufus Tiger Taylor was also one of the highlights.

 Roger May dressed in a gold cape sang "Bohemian Rhapsody"  with Freddy Mercury once again appearing on screen to sing parts.

 The show ended with "We will rock you" and "We are the champions", with the whole band on stage,  with Adam Lambert appearing on stage with a leopard print suit and chunky gold crown.
Gold streamers were thrown over the crowd, and that was the end!

Slowly the crowd exited the Arena... 

I loved the show, the costumes, the music, although at times I thought the sound was a bit too loud for me and some of the lights were a bit blinding too, but it could have just been me and my "old ears and eyes"!

The crowd leaves the Arena

The list of songs played: 

Set list (22 August 2014)
Now I'm Here
Stone Cold Crazy 
Another One Bites the Dust
Fat Bottomed Girls
Lap of the Gods
Seven Seas of Rhye
Killer Queen
Somebody to Love
I Want It All
Love of My Life
Days of Our Lives
Under Pressure
Dragon Attack
Who Wants to Live Forever
Tie Your Mother Down
Break Free
Radio Ga Ga
Crazy Little Think Called Love
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You, 
We Are the Champions

The video of the last two songs sung at Perth Arena:

PS : My son and daughter in law arrived tonight from their European holiday and I'm glad to have them safely back home.


  1. Oh I am envious - that looks quite a show! I cant imagine the traffic when that show ended, but maybe a lot of people used public transportation.

    1. Thanks Gill, yes the traffic was chaotic for a while with all those people leaving the Arena, and traffic cops directing them. I'm glad we took the train into the city!

  2. Adoro os Queen! Saudades do Freddie Mercury...
    Que bom que conseguiu os bilhetes, Sami, e aproveitou muito! Momentos assim não se esquecem! ;-) E senti-me um pouco lá, com a sua descrição do concerto.
    Boa semana!

    1. Ola Sandra, ha tanto tempo que nao ia a um concerto, que adorei sentir aquela energia e emocao das pessoas!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! That is a show I would love to see. I've seen Brian May playing one song at the of We Will Rock You musical, but it was too short. Thanks for sharing and now I got to see how is the Perth Arena from the inside. It's really nice at night as well, with the lights around the edges.

    1. Thanks Sara, yes Perth Arena is really a nice modern building, I think it will become synonimous with Perth eventually!

  4. I´m impressed, Freddie sure rocked it from above, huh? Really great pics, looks like a lot of (loud) fun! You made me youtube Adam Lambert. Hmmm. Not a bad voice. Not Freddie, either. But great they still honor Freddie.

    1. I had heard of Adam Lambert when he sang with Idol, and there have been a couple of his songs that became hits in Australia. He is quite a performer!

  5. Fabulous shots, Sami! Glad you managed to get tickets on such short notice.

  6. Thanks Jose, yes I think I was lucky to get tickets the day before!

  7. The Arena is such an impressive venue Sami, looks fabulous when it's full like that! Brilliant shots from the show, I know a few people who went and like you they loved it. I can imagine you are very happy to have your son and daughter in law home safe and sound with lots to tell you about their trip no doubt :)

  8. Thanks Grace, glad your friends also enjoyed the concert.
    Yes, it's lovely to have them back safe!


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