Monday, 9 July 2012

Second time lucky!

While I was on holiday I was contacted by Rachel from the blog Mishaps and mayhem of a gluten free life, announcing I had won a prize of Gluten-free goodies.
Tonight, as I arrived home from my first day back at work, 2 boxes were awaiting...I eagerly brought them inside and opened them to reveal a lot more than what I was expecting.
I received - pancake mix, rice chips, muffin mixes, various vegan and gluten free curry mixes...
I´m looking forward to some experimenting with the products I don´t yet know, like the muffin mixes and the curries.
Thanks again Rachel and thanks to your sponsors too: Basco, Tasty Bite and Mamee.
I was diagnosed as "gluten intolerant" about 2 years ago and have felt much better since going Gluten-free. While on holiday, most of the time I had no option to eat what was given to me, and I also found that even in the big supermarkets in Portugal the choice of gluten free goods like flours, breads, pastas, etc, were non-existent. Of course going off-course had its effects -  swollen tummy, constant heartburn (I would get up during the night to brush my teeth...) etc. So I´m now back to my normal diet, my stomach is back to flat but the heartburn is still there. It was a month of wrongdoing so I presume it will take a while to put right again!

As the title says - "second time lucky" - as not so long ago, I won a silk scarf painted by Gill from African Aussie blog. So this is my second win in a short time!!

One of the boxes...

Rice sticks - I have never tried them before

The rice chips I have tried and like, the muffin mixes I never tried...

Curries galore, a product I had never seen or tried either
I am back home in Perth, but still behind with the posts about my holiday, but didn´t want to let this occasion go by, so those posts will come later.
I totally forgot to celebrate my 1st blog anniversary on the 18th June, but I was so busy travelling up and down the country, visiting family and friends that the date went unnoticed. So next year I will have to do something special.
Have a great week, enjoy the sun if it´s shining at your end or wrap up against the cold if you are living through the winter months like I am!  Bbbrrrr... I don´t much like the cold!


  1. Oh Sammy, I can so relate to this and the symptoms you describe, There is very little choice in the supermarkets in Portugal - you needed to go to the health food shops where you can buy most things - but VER?Y expensive. I buy spelt flour, or rice flour which I try and use in cakes, but more often than not they taste awful with this type of flour.
    I also try and avoid dairy as well.
    Aldi do Rice and Soya milk at very good's taken me ages to find my way round, but gradually getting there!

  2. What a wonderful surprise!

    I can so relate to your symptoms and I'm desperately trying to go gluten and dairy free.

    It is difficult here in Portugal, but I'v e discovered you need to go to health food shops not supermarkets. The products are mainly German and very expensive. For ex I wanted some gluten free lasagne sheets and they were 5uros!

    I've completely given up bread now and it has def helped!

  3. Hi Carole: Yes, I too was surprised that there is so much choice compared with the supermarkets in Perth, when it comes to breakfast cereals or yogurts for example, but when it comes to health food there wasn´t much available. Here in the Health isle of the supermarkets you get GF pastas, normal GF flour and a few others, cereals, some ready made frozen foods...I also drink Rice milk or 2nd choice lactose free milk. There is also a big choice of flours in the health shops here. There I found some stuff in "Celeiro", and rice cakes in the supermarket. I eat a lot of those instead of bread if I don´t feel like making it.

  4. So glad you liked my prize Sami! Those curries are great with rice and the rice chips a great snack. I feel your pain I can't imagine as a coeliac how hard travelling overseas would be if you found it so hard and you can tolerate some amounts of gluten. It's the sluggish and bloated feeling that makes you feel terrible as well as the heart burn. I'm glad that your home and starting to feel normal again! Congratulations on the win and thanks for particupating!

  5. Thanks MMOGFL - I haven´t yet tried the curries. I think next time I travel, I will have to take a supply of goodies with me...


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