Monday, 4 April 2016

Monday Mural - East and West, is the best!

On my recent visit to Fremantle I came across this fabulous 78mt (256feet) mural painted on the exterior of a furniture and homewares shop East West Design at 174-176 Marine Terrace in South Fremantle.

This extensive mural was commissioned by the owners of the shop, and was painted by the talented artist Graeme Miles Richards, a New Zealander who resides in Perth and it took him over 7 months to paint.

The various shopfront designs reflect the eclectic mix of wares they sell - from Asia, Africa, Europe.
I took over 30 photos of this beauty, so much to see... I'm finding it difficult to decide which to post, so here are a few of them.

If you would like to see more murals from around the world please check this link.

Details of the Asian shopfront mural
More Asian details, from China this time

The French shopfront
Don't you just love this Vespa? It just looks so real!
Check the painting and words on the Fire sprinkler box (bottom right)
The African shopfront
And I end with this little beauty, just check the elephant's trunk - it's a pipe sticking out the wall!
Hope you enjoyed them.
Elephant's trunk

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